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5 Panel Photo Phlatt, Photo on Wood


Wooden Guestbooks








A Photo Phlatt© with your favorite engagement photo is a unique alternative to the traditional guestbook.  It's an innovative way to not only display your photo, but also have your guests sign as a keepsake!    Instead of being filed away in a box somewhere afterwards, it can be displayed in your home for a lasting reminder of your special day for years to come.  You AND your guests will LOVE it!  And if you don't want folks to write on it, that's okay!  It's beautiful as a display...then hang it after your wedding. : )


BONUS:  When you order a Photo Phlatt© for use as a guestbook, a FREE White Sharpie is included for your guests to sign with!  

Just use coupon code SHARPIE at checkout.














Photo Phlatts, Wooden Guestbooks, Photos on Wood

Engagement Photos on Wood

QUESTIONS?  CALL 903.583.2903

You and your guests will Love signing your handcrafted

Wooden Guestbook...and you can hang it after

your wedding!

"I am using these for my guest book and they honestly came out beautiful!  I cannot

wait to use them!"

~ Jennifer in Ocean Gate, NJ ~ TWO 5 Panel Photo Phlatts©

white sharpie.png


BEFORE you Order!


Before and After...

6 Panel Photo Phlatt, Wooden Guestbook

The Wooden Guestbook is not just for's also great for 



House Warmings


...and more!

**The typical size phlatt used for weddings is generally the 5 or 6 panel but for larger weddings, 7, 8, 9 and 10 panel phlatts are available.  For these sizes, I do recommend that you send me your image FIRST to insure it will work on the size you want before actually placing your order.

Note that the white Sharpie will show up great on dark AND light areas of the phlatt. 

For a FREE Virtual Proof, please email your image to me at :

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8 Panel Photo Phlatt, Photo on Wood
5 Panel Photo Phlatt, Photo on Wood
9 Panel Photo Phlatt, Photo on Wood

You and your Guests will Love your

Wooden Guestbook!

Send me your image today and I'll send you your

FREE Virtual Proof!

Send your images to:

5 Panel Photo Phlatt, Photo on Wood
5 Panel Photo Phlatt, Photo on Wood

All phlatts come


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